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Pronomic exhibits at the Maintenance Fair, Swedish Fair Gothenburg

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Pronomic exhibits at the Maintenance Fair, Swedish Fair Gothenburg, 31 May to 3 June!

Smart maintenance keeps machines and personnel running

Maintenance work on machines in production is a must to prevent unnecessary and expensive production stops. Maintenance skills is imperative and having skilled staff on site is a necessity for maintenance work to run as efficiently and correctly as possible. Sometimes heavy lifting occurs where there is a risk of accidents. Pronomic provide bespoke lifting solutions that can be adapted to the work environment, the person using the lifting tool and the load to be lifted. This contributes to maintenance work running smoothly, with lower risks of accidents contributing to an improved working environment with less injuries. We show how at the Maintenance Fair.

Improve a tough work environment

Maintenance work is characterized by a challenging work environment with high demands on efficiency in production. Much focus is placed on optimizing work processes and increasing productivity. More and more work tasks are automated, but there are still manual tasks, especially within maintenance, performed by people. These often involve heavy lifting and handling of bulky materials and components.

In such a work environment, work environment problems can quickly arise. Both physical with frequent pain in the neck, back and shoulders, but also other mental stress-related problems. Efficiency can be impacted negatively by increasing sick leave rates or because of damaged goods and unnecessary production stops.

Tailored solutions

Pronomic helps customers to analyse the lifting needs and to map the work situation. Then we tailor a customized lifting solution. The design of the lifting trolley aims to avoid strain injuries and is optimized according to the user and the workplace's requirements. An ergonomically adapted lifting trolley with low dead weight and rolling resistance, counteracts strain injuries when personnel must perform heavy lifting and handle bulky materials up to 300 kg.

Efficiency gains

Mobile battery-powered lifting solutions integrated into the work environment maintain a healthy and committed staff. This results in fewer costly production stops, less damage to goods and contribute to an improved work environment while achieving efficiency gains.

Visit us at booth B10: 40 at the Maintenance Fair in Gothenburg 31 May - 3 June 2022 and we can discuss how you can improve your work environment.


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Mikael Berglund, Markets and sales manager, Pronomic AB,

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About Pronomic

Since 1989 Pronomic has been world leading in developing new innovative lifting solutions for workplaces. With module-based systems, high quality products and smart solutions we create new opportunities for customers worldwide. As a part of the Sunnex Group, with a turnover of 900 million SEK and 400 employees, Pronomic is at the- forefront of the industry, focusing on digitalization and sustainable development. Headquarters and production are situated in Stockholm.

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