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Three-in-one trolley system. The modular, multi-purpose solution for eliminating the risks associated with manual materials handling

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About Välinge Fooring

Välinge Flooring is part of Välinge Innovation AB – a Swedish innovation and flooring company based in Viken, Sweden. They supply hardwood, laminate, and wood-powder based flooring in a global market, with one of the world’s most advanced R&D centres in the industry.

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The solution

Pronomic’s solution a Lift & Drive 130P, equipped with a Squeeze&Turn for handling to eliminated all manual handling during refilling of the machine. Additinally a special tool was built to support the maintenance work of the machine.

The solution was a customised, three-in-one trolley system. In addition to a standard Squeeze & Turn trolley for handling heavy paint buckets, Pronomic designed a specialised tool for paint brush dismounting and pallet unloading.

The challenge

Välinge needed equipment to support their employees with heavy and repetitive lifting, often from awkward working positions. The goal was to significantly reduce employees’ physical strain and the risk of injuries and accidents. Restricted space in the production facilities required a compact solution. Ideally, the lifting equipment would be used to carry out several tasks – from pallet unloading to machine component dismounting.

The solution

The main task to address was lifting and emptying heavy buckets of paint into a production machine. A Pronomic Lift & Drive trolley was chosen to handle this task efficiently. Equipped with a standard Pronomic Squeeze & Turn lifting tool, the trolley eliminated all manual handling during refilling of the machine.
The additional task of dismounting a large machine paint brush for maintenance required a customised solution. Together with the Välinge team, Pronomic designed a specialised tool that was easily mounted on the trolley using the Squeeze & Turn. With its rail, guide, and hook, the new tool enabled easy removal of the paint brush from the machine. The same tool solved the pallet unloading task, with the rail and hook providing easy access across the pallets. Between operations, the tool was conveniently mounted on a wall.


The modular, multi-purpose solution from Pronomic eliminated the risks associated with manual handling at the Välinge site. It also helped save on time and labour, as traditionally two-person tasks could now be carried out by a single co-worker. All this in the most space-efficient way possible.

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