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Health and safety across the board


Tyre changing made easy contributing to improved productivity and efficiencies.

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About Inchcape

Inchcape PLC is the market-leading international distributor and retailer in the luxury automotive industry. They have historic relationships with most of the world’s leading car OEMs including Jaguar Land Rover, the BMW Group and the Volkswagen group. In total, they have 40 brand partners operating in 32 international markets working across every stage of the post-factory supply chain from import and logistics, right through to B2C after-sales servicing and parts and EVERYTHING in between.

mobile lifting trolley, material lift, trolley lifter, hydraulic lifting trolley, heavy lifting trolley, electric lifters

The solution

Pronomics Lift&Drive 90IE Wheel Lifter has been ergonomically designed to aid the removal and re-fitting of vehicle wheel with dimensions from 135/80 R13 to 295/25 R22 and weighing up to 175kg in weight. The trolley can effortlessly lift the tyres to a height of 1,443mm.

The challenge:  

Inchcape employs over 18,700 employees therefore and they take health and safety exceedingly seriously. 

At their 110 retail centres in the UK, they change tyres multiple times a day and prior to investing in Pronomic, it was a two-person task which still carried the risk of musculoskeletal injuries which can be exceedingly costly both in monetary terms and to brand reputation. 

This risk is what encouraged Inchcape to look for a solution to reduce the manual handling element of this specific task in their garages. 

The Solution: 

Inchcape contacted us via the website after browsing our Lift&Drive 90IE Wheel Lifter to see if it was a contender and after discussions, we agreed that this was the perfect solution for the task in question. 

After demoing the unit for over a week, Matthew Everest, Workshop Manager at Hunters Land Rover in Guildford exclaimed ‘It’s perfect, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I can’t fault it’. 

These fantastic results from the demo concluded in Inchcape ordering 94 Lift&Drive 90IE Wheel Lifters to distribute to the majority of their 110 centres in the UK for Audi, Mini Cooper, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Toyota, Volkswagen, Porsche and Mercedes. 


Inchcape has now improved the health and safety across the board with their investment and standardised process. As well as that, they have halved the manpower that it takes to change a tyre contributing to improved productivity and efficiencies. 

Inchcape was also impressed by our ‘excellent after-sales support’ we offer as this has given them peace of mind that they’re maximising the longevity of their investment and they can always rely on their Lift&Drive 90IE Wheel Lifters. 

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