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We follow he General Data Protection Regulation


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law within the entire EU/EEA area which applies from 25 May 2018. It replaces the previous national data protection laws with a set of rules that are better suited to our digital information society. This means among other things that as a private individual you have more rights and the opportunity for better control over personal data that you disclose. It is therefore important for us to inform you that we use cookies on our web site. 

Why do we use cookies?

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How can I decline cookies?

You can read more about how to decline cookies from each vendor by following the links below:

Our personal data policy

As a result of GDPR, at Pronomic we have produced a privacy policy with guidelines that govern the entire business. The policy regulates processing of personal data in every company and business unit as well as in our group-wide functions. Please read the full policy here: LINK

As a customer, partner or contact your details are always safe with us and we respect your privacy and protect the personal data that we hold. All personal data is processed in accordance with current data protection laws and we make sure that your details are properly protected. We do not distribute or share details with third parties. The consent principle is an important part of GDPR that we highly respect.

Data is important – for both your business and ours. We therefore ensure that it is protected and take full responsibility for it being processed in accordance with GDPR.

If you have any questions regarding your personal data that we hold, contact us at for more information.