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Safe and efficient handling of boxes and crates

Boxes, cartons, and crates

Add safety, speed, and efficiency with a tailored Pronomic box lifter

Repetitive manual handling of cartons, crates, and boxes poses an ergonomic challenge in many workplaces. Boxes are often bulky, heavy, and difficult to handle with speed and efficiency while meeting safety regulations. With a tailored Pronomic box lifter, the health and safety of your co-workers is protected, together with the contents of your boxes and crates.

Lifting trolleys

Pronomic lifting trolleys build on a truly modular concept to enable ergonomic lifting, moving, and stacking of boxes and crates. Smooth manoeuvring and stepless control give precision when positioning the trolley’s platform or lifting tool. Designed with a strong focus on safety, our trolleys deliver lifting capacities of up to 325 kg.

Vacuum lifters

With a vacuum lifter, logistic and other workstations become efficient, safe, and free of strain. The lifting devices can be adapted for ergonomic and gentle handling of boxes and cartons to fit a wide variety of duties. Our vacuum lifters are compatible with our crane systems and rail solutions.

electric chain hoists, electric hoists

Chain hoists

Heavy boxes and crates are easy to lift, move, and stack with a Pronomic electric chain hoist. Combined with the right tool, such as a gripper, clamp, or suction tool, our frequency-controlled chain hoists provide good control, high precision, and lifting speeds of up to 16 metres per minute. Our chain hoists are compatible with our crane systems and rail solutions.

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We tailor solutions for handling boxes and crates

If you have a challenge with lifting, moving, or manipulating boxes, cartons and crates – we can solve it. Our skilled and experienced engineers are standing by, ready to create unique solutions for your most demanding duties.

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