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Reels handling with Lift&Drive 130P

Abbot Diabetes

A light weight solution for wielding heavy reels

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About Abbot Diabetes

Abbot Diabetes is a pharmaceutical company who create breakthrough products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals. The company were ranked number one for six consecutive years in the Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list for their industry.


The solution

Lift&Drive 130P Expand&Turn Lifting Trolley was the ideal model to modify to ensure it met all Abbott Diabetes’ requirements. They are are ergonomically designed, extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre making them an ideal choice for space-restricted areas.

The challenge:  

Abbott Diabetes required a lifting aid for their 40kg, 420mm dia, 180mm deep reels from pallets to storage and then to the main production area. The main challenge was that the reel had to rotate on its axis so it could be manoeuvred into the correct position.

They contacted Advanced Handling as their Pronomic lifting trolley range seemed ideal for their application and after seeing the products in action, they were impressed by their manoeuvrability, quality and flexibility.

The Solution: 

Initially, Pronomic's partner Advanced Handling visited the Abbott Diabetes site to assess the situation, environment and application prior to proposing a solution.

After discussions with Advanced Handling’s internal Technical Team, it was decided that a Lift&Drive 130P fitted with an Expand&Turn reel handling was the ideal solution to ensure it met all Abbott Diabetes’ requirements.

Lift&Drive material lifts are ergonomically designed, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre making them an ideal choice for space-restricted areas.

The Lift&Drive 130P Expand&Turn standard model features a 150mm pneumatic gripper which when activated, expands and lifts 60kg reels from inside the core rather than from the outside.

Abbot Diabetes’ Lift&Drive was designed with a double rotation feature meaning it was able to rotate on both its horizontal and vertical axis. The pneumatic gripper rotated both 180-degrees on the frame and 180-degree around the 45-degree axis resulting in a 90-degree position change on the reel.

The Lift&Drive was also modified so it had low profile, wide straddle legs (835mm wide) so the lifter can access and lift the reels on the corners of the pallets.

Pronomic Lift&Drive lifting trolleys come as standard with spindle drive with an overload safety clutch to eliminate the risk of squeeze entrapment or the mast tilting backwards. It also has a quick change powerpack to maximise productivity and reduce downtime. The simple remote makes it easy and safe for all employees to operate.


Abbott Diabetes have now removed manual handling from their reel transporting process. This has not only improved health and safety but has increased productivity making a two or three-person job a one-person task.

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