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Lifting solutions for rolls and reels

Roll handling with lifting trolleys

The smart way to carry heavy and bulky loads

Lift&Drive translate heavy and bulky materials to nice and easy handling

Rolls easily become cumbersome and don’t need to be particularly heavy to become difficult to handle. There is a risk of strain injuries when handling these loads or a risk of accidents where people can get injured, and load and machinery damaged.

Lift&Drive lifting trolleys reduce the strain of heavy lifting

Lift&Drive lifting trolleys reduce the strain of heavy lifting and prevents accidents during roll handling, both during transport and while mounting. This translates to fewer incidents that may inflict injuries to staff and damage to materials. Pronomics innovative solutions also allows for a more efficient use of resources; doing more with less. With the help of Lift&Drive one person can mount a roll safely and efficiently that would have previously required two people. Lift&Drive can handle rolls of various sizes and shapes up to 325 kg.

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Features supporting easy rollhandling with Lift&Drive material lifts

Wide variety of tools and options

Your optimal solution is determined by the task, the load, the operator, and the work environment. With a wide range of models, options, and tools, Pronomic can customise a solution that fits your needs and solves your problems.

Stepless control

Stepless control lets you move the load with precision – combining the need for speed with the fine tuning required to position the load properly.

Swivel wheels

Swivel wheels give a very narrow turn radius, making the trolley easy to steer. Positioning the trolley for work is easy, also in narrow spaces. The rear wheels can be locked for safe loading and unloading.

Optimal weight capacity ratio

Don’t move around more weight than needed. With optimised weight to capacity ratio, total weight is kept at a minimum.

Tools for safe, ergonomic, handling rolls and reels

Fit your Lift&Drive lifting trolley with a tool adapted for the load and the handling needs.

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