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Sustainability at work


We look for smart solutions for a sustainable future

We describe our work with sustainability in three areas; people, planet and partners. People has always been our main focus, as we have been actively working with reducing work-related injuries and improving ergonomics with our lifters.

But we want to do more.

In a time when the rising issue of global warming is becoming apparent, we acknowledge our responsibility to decrease our own emissions, both direct and indirect, to secure the future of our planet. Therefore, we work with and incorporate planet dimensions to our sustainability strategy.

Pronomic is a small company, but we see great value in collaboration and partnerships. The most valuable thing we can do is inspire others to do more and to encourage suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders in our value chain to take responsibility too, since it is in the value chain most of our emissions originate from.

2021 we did a thorough study and based on this we have identified which SDGs should be prioritized within our organization. We developed a sustainability strategy, with corresponding targets, objectives and KPI’s. This strategy will guide our sustainability work at Pronomic and help reach the prioritized goals.

 Lifting limit man and woman
 Lifting limit man and woman

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