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Simple capable electric lifting trolley

Lift&Drive 90IE

Easy to use and easy to stow away

Lift&Drive 90IE: Simple but tough

Lift&Drive 90IE is a simple but capable electric lifting trolley, wider and longer chassis compared to the ECO range. It’s easy to use and easy to stow away, making it ideal for work environments like canteens and kitchens, offices, libraries, or shops – as well as more industrial applications. The trolley is smooth and stable to use, with a lifting capacity of 90 kg. The handlebars are easily adjusted to suit any operator, and safety features such as overload protection and safety clutch make the trolley safe to use also by inexperienced operators. Thanks to the motor brake, loads can be kept in an elevated position for longer. Low roll resistance combined with optimal weight to capacity ratio enables ergonomic and safe lifting without risk of strain. The durable, high-quality build requires only minimal maintenance.

  • Reliable high-quality design with minimum maintenance needs
  • Compact design to fit any space
  • Small footprint when parked
  • Easy and safe to use also for inexperienced operators
  • Adjustable to suit different operators
  • Welded, high polished stainless steel chassis option: easy to clean
  • Economic choice for simpler industrial applications


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