Mobile lifting solutions:


Increase efficiency by achieving more with less:
With Pronomic’s lifting trolleys you work smarter, not harder. Our material handling solutions increase efficiency by enabling you to achieve more with less effort. We improve your capacity to handle heavy and cumbersome items, at the same time as you optimise your working processes.

Improve ergonomics and prevent risks of strain injuries:
Our products improve ergonomics and prevent risks of strain injuries by helping to eliminate manual lifting and associated operations. Individual users can simply adapt the lifting aid to their own conditions and tasks, resulting in good conditions for a beneficial working environment.

Increase safety by reducing the risk of accidents involving personnel and material:
Our built-in safety functions ensure that lifting capacity is not overloaded and that there are no unplanned stoppages in the work. Pronomic’s lifting aids protect the load from damage and minimise the risk of accidents involving personnel and goods.


Our tried and tested module concept provides great flexibility at the highest quality, at the same time as it enables the trolleys to be simply reconfigured when needs change.

We offer the most manoeuvrable lifting trolleys in the class thanks to their low weight. The potential to simply make individual adaptations and settings reduces the risk of users suffering strain injuries. Our smart lifting tools, parking brakes and directional lock on wheels facilitate loading and unloading.

Maximum safety is achieved with our built-in release function, which serves as protection from crushing injuries and prevents the trolley from tipping over. The columns’ screw drive provides additional safety and a high level of precision in lifting movements, at the same time as our overload protection reduces the risk of accidents and increases control over the process.

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