Lift&Drive 175PRX

Smart moves. Elevated.

Lift&Drive PRX series

Raise the bar on productivity with Lift&Drive PRX

PRX news!

Lightweight Lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery solution

  • Light with increased longevity
  • Ergonomic battery handling
  • Swift & easy to remove and install

Smart & user-friendly control system

  • Total control of the load
  • Easy monitoring of battery performance
  • Service friendly

Upgraded handlebar design

  • Easy to adjust, with improved grip
  • Optimised walking space
  • Improved ergonomics for every operator

Work smarter!

PRX brings more efficiency boosting functionality than ever to the modular Lift&Drive concept

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A new generation of Lift&Drive

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Level up your productivity

The new Lift&Drive PRX range brings next-level efficiency to your workplace. Building on our trusted Lift&Drive P-trollies, we’ve added the strength and endurance of an all-new lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery solution. The power unit comes with an intelligent and user-friendly control system, making it easier than ever to operate and monitor your trolley to get the most out of any lifting tool.

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As for ergonomics, Lift&Drive PRX is about fine-tuned details. The carefully redesigned handlebar provides more walking space, improved grip, and easier adjustment to meet every co-worker’s needs. The lightweight power unit reduces deadweight and improves manoeuvrability, with swift and hassle-free battery changes during intense trolley use. In essence, Lift&Drive PRX represents the future of smart moves for safe work, no matter how demanding

Lift&Drive PRX features

Spindle drive

When reliability and precision is key

Overload protection and safety clutch

To keep you safe at work

3-step break

Keep the trolley in place

Optimal weight capacity ratio

Travel lightly

Tools for every task

Get the solution you need


Keeps you going

A range that will fit your need!

Modular design. Endless possibilities