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Pairing industries with optimal lifting solutions

Smart moves for safe work

We are the lifting and moving solutions company, offering smart, smooth materials handling systems for sustainable safety at work.

What is your industry?

  •  Lift&Drive 90IE Front loaded roller platform


    Pronomic provides lifting and moving solutions that meet the high demands of the manufacturing industry, including strict hygiene and antistatic requirements when needed.

  •  Lift&Drive 90IE with roller platform (1)

    Food and beverage

    Food and beverage processing involves handling a great variety of canisters and containers for raw materials, packaging, and product. With Pronomic lifting solutions you can ensure that every workstation has just the right tool for the job.

  •  Lift&Drive 225P server platform

    Data Centres

    With Pronomic lifting solutions, server handling becomes a safe, ergonomic, and efficient one-person job.

  •  Pronomic Lift&Drive 70E Pharmacy

    Retail and wholesale

    We provide tailored solutions for efficient and ergonomic goods handling and shelf stacking in retail businesses of any size.

  •  Easycrane Pro Rapid Box handling

    Logistics and distribution

    Almost every link in a logistics and distribution chain can be strengthened with a Pronomic lifting solution.

  •  Industrial Production Environment

    Pharma, Medical and Chemistry

    For manufacturing regulated by strict hygiene and/or ESD standards, Pronomic enables safe, smooth, and hassle-free materials handling.

Pairing industries with optimal lifting solutions

Your challenge is our inspiration

Every industry has needs that are distinct to the work they perform. When configuring lifting aids these needs must be considered in the final solution. Our passion is to find the right solution every time. Pronomic has a wide variety of solutions to accommodate industry-specific needs, as well as freedom in configuring the exact solution, perfectly designed for the job and in compliance with workplace regulations.

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In configuring and designing our lifting systems, we always place a major focus on the operator and the surrounding environment. The handling of goods must be efficient, ergonomic, and safe. There is great potential for working smarter and more efficiently with custom lifting aids. It contributes to maintaining healthy and committed co-workers, creates an improved work environment, adds efficiency, reduces costly interruptions in production, and result in less damage to goods.

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Smart moves
for safe work

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