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Flexible solutions for server handling

With Pronomic lifting solutions, server handling becomes a safe, ergonomic, and efficient one-person job. Our lightweight, small-footprint trolleys are easy to manoeuvre and operate even in the tightest spaces. Low lifting heights and stepless platform control makes them ideal for mounting or removing devices, with perfect alignment from the lowest to the highest rack position. Modular design lets you configure your lifting solution to meet the exact needs at your site, with smart options for added utility. 

Modular design

No two data centers are the same. That’s why we make Lift&Drive server trolleys from a modular design concept: letting you choose the trolley parts and add-ons that fit the exact conditions at your site.

Details that make the difference

Telescopic mast

  • Enables manoeuvring through low doorways, while reaching the highest rack posts and adds lifting speed.

Platforms for every need

  • Adapt your trolley to fit your exact rack type and mounting procedures.
  • Align with bottom rack positions that other trolleys can’t reach.

Swivel wheels

  • Optimal manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Minimal turn radius

Central brake system

  • Easily foot-controlled brakes for safe operation
  • Directional lock prevents swivelling when needed

Overload protection

  • Prevents the trolley from handling excessive loads
  • Eliminates the risk of injuries or equipment damage from trolley overload

Adjustable handle bars

  • Reduce muscle and joint strain by adjusting handlebar height to fit personal requirements

Stepless control

  • Control lifting and lowering speeds with the precision you need for smooth alignment

Lightweight construction

  • Easier handling with a compact, lightweight trolley frame


 Lift&Drive 225P server platform

Mast and base

The doorways, thresholds, and layout of your centre will determine the basic design of your server trolleys. Together with our design team, you’ll create a solution for easy navigation and complete access across your site.

 Narrow elevated server platform


Depending on the rack types and mounting procedures at your centre, we will fit your trolley with the kind of platform that corresponds to your needs.

 Lift&Drive triple wheels

Caster options

Your site’s floor design will determine what kind of caster wheels should go on your trolley. We have a wide selection of wheels for smooth transport across any threshold or ventilation grille.

 Server mounting support kit


Travel as one unit and attach the accessories you need to the lifting trolley. We have an assortment of smart add ons such as step ladder, tool tray, mast protection, charger stand, power drive and our unique server mounting support kit. Everything carefully designed to support you in your work

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