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Smart lifting systems for all types of loads

Smart moves for safe work

We are the lifting and moving solutions company, offering smart, smooth materials handling systems for sustainable safety at work.

What do you want to lift?

  •  Easyhand Pro (1)

    Bottles and tubes

    Pronomic lifting solutions can be tailored to handle even the most demanding bottles and tubes, while meeting your need for flexible, efficient, and space-saving performance.

  •  Lift&Drive 90P Polarbröd

    Rolls and reels

    Depending on their size and material, rolls and reels can be very difficult to handle in a safe and ergonomic way. Pronomic lifting solutions are tailored to meet the exact needs at your site.

  •  Easycrane Pro (1)

    Buckets and barrels

    Big or small, rigid or flexible, with or without handles and lids: your buckets and barrels are in safe hands with a Pronomic lifting solution.

  •  Mechline Pro Crane

    Panels, sheets and glass

    Providing lifting solutions tailored to handle panels, sheets, and glass at your facility is a sure way of increasing productivity while preventing strain and injury among the workforce.

  •  Lift&Drive 225P server platform

    Servers and Battery systems

    With Pronomic lifting solutions, server handling becomes a safe, ergonomic, and efficient one-person job.

  •  Lift&Drive 90IE Front loaded roller platform

    Components and Tools

    Pronomic provides lifting and moving solutions that meet the high demands of the manufacturing industry, including strict hygiene and antistatic requirements when needed.

We offer a wide array of products

 Easycrane Pro Rapid Box handling

We have the tools to handle a variety of goods

Work, wherever it’s carried out, may involve lifting anything from boxes, barrels, plastic crates, rolls, sacks, panels, and containers to components and finished products. We offer a wide variety of solutions for handling different types of loads, as well as freedom in configuring the exact solution, perfectly designed for the job at hand.

 Lift&Drive 90IE Wheel lifter

Tailored solutions

In configuring and designing our lifting systems, we always place a major focus on the operator. The handling of goods must be efficient, ergonomic, and safe. There is great potential for working smarter and more efficiently with custom lifting aids. It contributes to maintaining healthy and committed co-workers, creates an improved work environment, adds efficiency, reduces costly interruptions in production, and result in less damage to goods.

Smart moves
for safe work

Start improving the work environment today. Call us and let us support you in creating an effective, safe and ergonomic work place for all.

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