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Flexible balanced vacuum lifter

Easyhand M

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Flexible balanced vacuum lifter with modular design

Easyhand M™ is a flexible vacuum lifter with a modular design for loads of up to 50 kg. It enables easy and comfortable handling of materials: from bags and cardboard boxes to sheet materials such as glass and panels. The operating handle comes in two versions: a straight handle for control above the lifted object, and an extended handle for control at a distance from the load. Via controls on the operating handle, it is easy to adjust the lifter’s standby height – with or without a gripped load. Correctly set balancing also provides a possibility to release the operating handle, and with both hands manipulate the load and the Easyhand M™ laterally.

  • Modular and adaptable lifter
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Possible to hold both hands on the load
  • Handles bags, boxes, and sheet materials
  • Facilitates and streamlines lifting work


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