The smart way to carry rolls and reels

Lifting trolleys for safe, easy, and efficient handling of heavy and bulky rolls and reels. Lift&Drive can handle rolls of various sizes and shapes up to 300 kg.

Lift&Drive translate heavy and bulky to nice and easy

Rolls easily become cumbersome and don’t need to be particularly heavy to become difficult to handle. There is a risk of strain injuries when handling these loads or a risk of accidents where people can get injured, and load and machinery damaged.

Lift&Drive lifting trolleys reduce the strain of heavy lifting and prevents accidents during roll handling, both during transport and while mounting. This tranlates to fewer incidents that may inflict injuries to staff and damage to materials.

Pronomics innovative solutions also allows for a more efficient use of resources; doing more with less. With the help of Lift&Drive one person can mount a roll safely and efficiently that would have previously required two people.

Roll handling feature highlights

Pronomic Lift&Drive 225P Squeeze&Turn roll handling

Wide variety of tools and options

Get the solution your need. The work environment, the load, the person doing the work and the task itself translates to customer requirements. With a wide variety of models, options and tools Pronomic can help you configure a solution that fits your needs and solves your problems.

Low roll resistance

Easy roll with heavy loads. Ensure that you invest in minimum roll resistance in your lifting trolley. This makes it easier to move heavy loads and further reduces the strain on the body.

Optimal weight capacity ratio

Travel lightly. No need to carry more weight than absolutely necessary. With an optimized weight capacity ratio you can rest assured the total weight is kept at a minimum.

Roll handling Industry solutions

Various industries have different needs for roll handling. With Pronomic Lift&Drive you can get the solution you need to handle your rolls safely and efficiently.

Food industry

Pronomic Lift&Drive 175P Squeeze&Turn

Squeeze&Turn is a good option for the handling of larger rolls for more efficiency in production. Mounted on a Lift&Drive Professional trolley it gives you the power and control needed for safe and efficient work.

Digital print industry

Pronomic Lift&Drive 90E V-Block

In print houses the rolls are small but relatively heavy with high density materials. There you would be well off with a V-block mounted on an Eco or Industrial Eco trolley, that is even a perfect choice for narrow spaces.

Medtech industry

The rolls for packaging materials used in medicine blister packs can be sensitive to the touch and the materials typically heavy. Here it would be advisable to use an Expand&Turn tool for roll handling when loading blister pack machines.


Roll Handling Brochure

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