Barrel trolley – a barrel lifter for safer handling

A barrel trolley facilitates your handling, lifting, moving or tilting of goods up to 325 kg. It might be needed to handle your drums, barrels, rolls, containers or finished products. A barrel trolley is ideal when you have to empty barrels and drums, lift goods onto shelves, feed/refill machines, move goods and tools etc.

Pronomic’s barrel trolley is designed for efficient, ergonomic and safe handling. Increased efficiency means that you can work smarter. Eliminating manual operations minimises the risk of strain injuries. Safe handling of items increases the safety of your processes and leads to fewer accidents involving goods and personnel.

A barrel lifter makes it simple to handle drums and barrels lying down. Can be adapted so that drums and barrels lying down on the floor or on a pallet can be picked up. The tools are often suitable when there is not much room under the machine. Can be adapted to your desired dimensions.

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