9 April 2022

Nordic Future Food

Pronomic exhibits at Nordic Future Food, Kistamässan, 11 – 12 May!

Get rid of the work environment problems and increase efficiency in the food industry

High demands are placed on the staff to work quickly and efficiently in commercial kitchens and within the food industry. At the same time, the work environment is challenging with both heavy lifting and long transport distances involved. Pronomic provide bespoke lifting solutions that can be adapted to factors such as the work environment, the operator using the lifting tool and the load to be lifted. The focus is on ergonomics and improving the work environment, which increases productivity and results in an efficient work process. Visit us at Nordic Future Food to learn more.

Improving the work environment

Reviewing the need to facilitate the handling of materials in the workplace can solve work environment-related problems and increase efficiency. Pronomic offers flexible, easy-to-use lifting trolleys that are suitable for work in commercial kitchens where confined spaces are a challenge. For more demanding environments in the food industry, Pronomic offers more advanced lifting trolleys for handling various materials up to 300 kg.

Tailored solutions

Pronomic helps customers to analyse their lifting needs and to map the work situation. We can then tailor a customised lifting solution. The design of the lifting trolley aims to avoid strain injuries and is optimized according to the user and the workplace’s requirements. An ergonomically adapted lifting trolley with low dead weight and rolling resistance, counteracts strain injuries when personnel must perform heavy lifting and handle bulky materials.

Efficiency gains

Mobile battery-powered lifting solutions integrated into the work environment maintain a healthy and committed workforce. This results in fewer costly production stops, less damage to goods and will contribute to an improved work environment while achieving efficiency gains.

Visit us at booth D 07A at the Nordic Future Food fair 11 – 12 May 2022 and we can discuss how you can improve your work environment.


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