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Flexible vacuum lifter

Easyhand Pro

Effortless and comfortable vacuum lifter

Flexible vacuum lifter with modular design

Easyhand Pro™ is an effortless and comfortable vacuum lifter with a single-handed grip for the handling of loads up to 50 kg. The lifter’s main strength is its smooth operation and lifting feel. The lifting and lowering function is adjusted with an ergonomically designed operating handle. Via controls on the handle, it is easy to adjust the lifter’s stand-by height – with or without a gripped load. With a large range of suction cups and vacuum yokes, the lifter can easily be adapted to meet the needs and requirements at your workplace.

  • Effortless vacuum lifter with single-handed grip
  • Intuitive lifting feel
  • Easy to adjust for each handling operation
  • Versatile and modular
  • For comfortable and ergonomic materials handling


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