Stacker option

Lift & Drive with forks

A good alternative to a Stacker is a mobile electric lifting solution from Pronomic. The solution is based on a battery-powered lifting trolley, Lift & Drive, with forks like a Stacker, giving you a better range of alternatives when you need to lift, move, tilt or handle goods up to 325 kg. Quick couplings enable the forks to be simply changed to other load carriers/tools when you need to handle your pallets, rolls, plastic crates, containers or finished products. For 30 years our customers have appreciated our solutions when lifting goods onto shelves, feeding/refilling machines, moving goods and tools etc.

Pronomic focuses its design of solutions so that handling can take place efficiently, ergonomically and safely. Better lifting enables you to work smarter. If we can remove manual operations, we minimise the risk of your personnel suffering strain injuries. Handling goods safely increases the safety of your processes and leads to fewer accidents involving goods and personnel.

Pronomic’s Stacker alternative makes it simpler to handle pallets. Functions excellently as lifting table and storage shelf beside machines. Can be ordered in dimensions required.

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