Pallet lift – pallet lifter with scales option

Better pallet handling with Lift & Drive

Pallet lifters are often a necessary aid in connection with lifting and moving  Goods often have to be rapidly received or moved, but what happens if you also wish to store the material on shelves, in tight spaces, or refill higher up than a traditional pallet lifter manages?

A lifting trolley, Lift & Drive, with forks facilitates your lifting, moving, tilting or handling of goods up to 325 kg. It might be needed to handle your pallets, rolls, plastic crates, containers or finished products. A lifting trolley solution is a good alternative to a pallet lifter. The solution facilitates lifting goods onto shelves, feeding/refilling machines, moving goods and tools etc.

Pronomic’s lifting trolley with forks or pallets is designed so that handling can take place efficiently, ergonomically and safely. The objective should be that better lifting enables you to work smarter. If we can remove manual operations, we can reduce the risk of strain injuries. If we handle your goods more safely, you obtain a safer workplace with fewer accidents involving goods and personnel.

The solution makes it simple to handle the goods. Can be adapted so that goods that are lying on the floor or on pallets can be picked up. Can be ordered in dimensions required.

Pallet lifter with scales

We also have variants with load carrier and tools where, for example, pallet lifters with scales are available as an option. It is practical and efficient to weigh goods in the handling process when distributing goods, stock taking, calculating quantities of screws/nuts/washers etc.

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