Pallet forks

Lift & Drive – simplify pallet handling

A pallet fork installed on the lifting trolley enables you to move, lift, tilt or handle goods up to 325 kg. It might be needed to handle your rolls, pallets, containers or finished products. A pallet trolley is an excellent solution to facilitate lifting goods onto shelves, feeding/refilling machines, moving goods and tools etc.

Pronomic’s pallet trolley is designed so that your handling can take place efficiently, ergonomically and safely. Better lifting means that you can work smarter. If we can remove manual operations, we can minimise the risk of strain injuries. Handling goods safely increases the safety of your processes and leads to fewer accidents involving goods and personnel.

The lifting trolley’s pallet fork makes it simple to handle rolls that are lying down. Can be adapted so that rolls lying on the floor or on pallets can be picked up. The fork is often suitable when there is not much space under the machine shaft and you want the roll’s core to remain free. Can be ordered in dimensions required.

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