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Electric high-capacity server and battery lifter

Lift&Drive DC15 U52

Easy to move around in tightly designed data centres.

Server lifter with high capacity and reach

Lift&Drive DC15 52U is a high capacity server lifter that is easy to move around in thightly designed data centres. As it is equipped with a telescopic mast it has the flexibility of passing through low doors but still reach as high as to 52U. It has the markets lowest reach down to 1 U. The deadweight of the trolley is less than it's lifting capacity and in combination with 4 swiveling wheels the trolley is truly light to operate. The low roll resistance and electrical lifting power makes this trolley a truly flexible, ergonomic, and safe server lifter solution. The rear wheels are equipped with an easy access central brake system that also includes directional lock. The Lift&Drive DC15 U52 even offers a range of additionals options such as top switch, sound signal and light indication for added safety in operation. The lifting capacity is 150 kg, and the trolley is smooth and stable. It has a sturdy, reliable and high-quality design and require a minimum of maintenance.


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