Lifting trolleys – Lifting device

Battery-powered and mobile lifting trolleys of high quality

Pronomic We manufacture mobile lifting trolleys that lift, move, tilt or handle goods up to 325 kg. A Lift & Drive lifting trolley together with a tool handles rolls, drums, boxes, sacks, plastic crates, panels, containers, finished products. We facilitate your handling when refilling machines, moving goods, maintaining machines, changing tools, installing components in racks, lifting materials at workbenches/roller conveyors, storing goods on shelves, revolving and turning goods etc.

Our lifting systems are designed so that this material handling can take place efficiently, ergonomically and safely. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to work smarter through better lifting aids? If we can remove manual lifting, which strain injuries can you avoid? Controlled lifting increases the safety of your processes and leads to fewer accidents involving goods and personnel.

Our modular lifting trolleys together with the right lifting device gives us unlimited possibilities to resolve your needs. They are battery-powered and require minimal service and maintenance. The lifting masts have a screw drive which makes then reliable and durable for many years of use.

Our lifting trolleys help you to manage difficult and challenging material handling. We have experienced staff who have worked for us for over 10 years. We have helped other satisfied customers for over 30 years. Talk to us and we will provide personal assistance in selection of ergonomic lifting trolleys to secure your lifting.

The right mobile lifting solution to manage your lifting, contributing to a better and safer workplace.

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