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Articulating jib crane & balance lifter

Mechline Pro

Balance lifter with the versatility of an articulated jib crane

Articulated jib crane with integrated pneumatic balancer

By combining the smoothness of the Mechline Pro™ balance lifter with the versatility of an articulated jib crane, we have created a flexible lifting solution for a wide range of industries: the Mechline Pro Crane™. Mobile platform for unlimited flexibility The Mechline Pro Crane™ can be adapted to fit your specific workplace, with a reach of up to 4 metres and a height-adjustable floor pillar. Add a mobile platform and you can easily move Mechline Pro Crane™ between workstations using a manual pallet truck. Integrated air feed The air supply is integrated into the lifting arm, feeding air to an attached pneumatic end effector. The jib crane is electrically galvanized and maintenance-free. Moreover, just as with the original Mechline Pro™ manipulator, a variety of pneumatic configurations can be offered.

  • For smooth and ergonomic lifting operations
  • Intuitive lifting sensation of loads up to 50 kg
  • Move between workstations with a manual pallet truck
  • Anodized and mainentance-free surface
  • Durable lifting wire that can be used for up to 300,000 work cycles
  • Adapted for a pneumatic or mechanical end effector
  • Integrated air supply for gripper tool
  • 2-weight / 3-weight pneumatics or direct control with speed handle


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