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Articulating jib crane

Mechcrane VKL VKA

Versatile articulated crane for all types of lifting duties

Articulated jib cranes for maximum reach with minimal resistance

Mechcrane™ VKA is a versatile crane for all types of lifting duties. The articulated jib crane offers you maximum reach in your work area, with minimal movement resistance. The two articulated crane arms are rotated via roller bearings of the highest quality for light and ergonomic materials handling. The outer arm is made of lightweight and strong aluminium and is equipped with an easy-rolling trolley with premium-quality wheel bearings. The jointed construction arm enables lifting close to the pillar. This creates optimal conditions for materials handling operations that are smooth, silent, and ergonomic. The crane arms can be equipped with a wide range of different accessory components such as cable trolleys, attachments for accessories, and more.

  • Universal jib crane for all types of lifting
  • Maximum reach with minimal resistance
  • Optimal ergonomics also near the pillar
  • A silent and easy-rolling load-bearing aluminium trolley is included
  • Prepared for easy mounting of your lifting device
  • Powder-coated steel pillars in standard design or optional RAL colour


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