Wheel lifter

With wheels becoming heavier and heavier, our own make of electric wheel lifter makes changing tyres simple. The lifter holds the wheel in place at a work-friendly height while you tighten the bolts. Equipped with a small shelf for bolts, etc. The mast is side mounted to give you space to work “off centre”, and the top is fitted with a guard to prevent damage to the paintwork.

The wheel lifter is an excellent aid at tyre workshops and repair shops. It is designed to facilitate both simple tyre changes and also more difficult operations such as changing brake pads and similar. The wheels on SUVs and small trucks weigh between 35-45 kg each. Serious injury can be incurred even with loads of less than 30 kg.

  1. Soft lift-column cover to protect the vehicle.
  2. Easy to manoeuvre, one hand can rotate the wheel while you place the lifter in working position.
  3. The lift column is mounted off-centre to give the operator a larger working area.
  4. Built-in electronics and battery in a single unit. Including overload protection.

Lift forks with bearings ensure easy rotation of the wheel into the right position.

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