Flexible solutions for server handling in your data center

Lifting trolleys designed to support efficient, safe and ergonomic handling of servers in your data center

Our innovative solutions increases your economic productivity, enhances your resource effciency and improves the safety of the data center work environment.

PRONOMIC Lift&Drive lifting trolleys reduces the strain of heavy lifting and prevents accidents during the handling of servers, both when in transport and while mounting. This reduces the number of incidents that may inflict injuries to staff and damage to materials.

The solution also allows for a more efficient use of resources; doing more with less. With the help of our lift trolleys one person can mount a server safely and efficiently that would have previously required two people.

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SB PRONOMIC Data Center EN 211026


Data center solutions

Telescopic mast, reach your desired heights

While traveling through a the facilities, passing through low doorways is common. Our telescoping mast allows you to travel through any doorway and still reach the highest desired position in any server rack. It also comes with the benefit of higher lifting speed.

Swivel wheels, maneuverability in tight spaces at your data center

Swivel wheels are easy to steer while operating with an extremely narrow turn radius. This proves beneficial in tight spaces and while quickly placing the trolley in a working position.

Variety of platform heights, how low will you go

While reaching the top rack is important, aligning a load with the lowest rack is just as vital. With the variety of specifically adapted platforms, placing the load exactly where it is needed is a breeze.

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