Pharmacy lifter

Lift & Drive® user-friendly and ergonomic lifting trolleys are specially adapted for shop and pharmacy environments. Minimise the risk of strain injuries. The lifting trolleys are ideal for lifting and transporting crates, cartons etc. and also facilitate the work of, for example, unpacking goods.

The Lift & Drive® models are neat, versatile and manoeuvrable. You can choose between standard or low-built wheels to optimally adapt the lifting trolley to the workplace. In the basic version, the trolleys are equipped with a collapsible loading platform and lifting fork customised for pharmacy crates. The battery charger is stored in a holder on the trolley’s handlebar and is simply charged via an ordinary wall socket. There is also a wide range of accessories including crate holder, writing pad, litter bag holder, etc. The lifting trolleys are manufactured in aluminium and coated steel. They are robust, durable and require minimal maintenance. Manage lifts up to 70 kg.

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