7 September 2022


Pronomic exhibits at Scanpack: How modular lifting solutions support customers in the transition to long term sustainable packaging

It takes time to change a production line, but if the change to sustainable packaging needs to be implemented today – what then? There are several drivers for change in the packaging industry: the need for a transition towards more environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable workplaces. Other drivers are price increase on packaging materials and difficulties in global supply chains. Pronomic have lifting solutions that support companies in tackling all these challenges.

Manage the transition to sustainable solutions

A lot of focus is put on changing traditional packaging materials to more sustainable options. However, implementing these into production is a challenge that can be time consuming as it may imply changing the production line itself. Sometimes flexible interim solutions can help speed up the transition and keep the production line running efficiently during change.

“We focus on creating smart end efficient lifting solutions to keep people safe and sound” Samuel Pierre, RnD manager at Pronomic states. “The packaging industry is changing rapidly, and we support this by developing innovative modular lifting trolleys that are easily adapted to an alternate work environment. The benefit of our trolleys is that they can be implemented on existing production lines and solve immediate lifting needs resulting from change.” he continues.

Smart and sustainable

Pronomic helps customers analyse their lifting needs and map the work situation. Then tailor a customised lifting solution. The design of a lifting trolley aims to support the lifting needs and avoid strain related injuries in the staff. It is optimized according to the user, but also fully adapted to the workplace's requirements and the load it is designed to handle. This increases efficiency in material handling. An ergonomically adapted lifting trolley with low dead weight and rolling resistance, counteracts strain injuries when personnel must perform heavy lifting and handle bulky materials up to 325kg. It contributes to maintaining a healthy and committed staff, creates an improved work environment, reduces costly production stops and result in less damage to goods.

Broad offering for packaging materials

At Scanpack Pronomic will show a broad range of solutions specialized for handling packaging materials of various sizes, densities, and levels of sensitivity to handling. Whatever the lifting needs are in a rapidly changing packaging industry, Pronomic can help and even speed up the transition.

Visit Pronomic at booth B05:01 at the Scanpack Fair in Gothenburg 4 – 7 October 2022.

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