11 February 2022

PRESS RELEASE – Pronomic launches solutions for efficient and safe server handling

Over the course of the last year, Pronomic has been recognised as a supplier of lifting trolleys to some of the world’s biggest players within the data centre segment. Now, we are ready to offer a broad range of flexible lifting solutions designed specifically to accommodate the needs of all modern data centres.

“During 2020 we were approached by companies running data centres on an international scale, needing a solution for safe and efficient handling of heavy and unruly servers during maintenance work. They found our solution to be a great fit. This led us to the development of an entire range of new solutions specifically adapted to the needs of data centres.”
Joakim Stannow, CEO Pronomic AB.

There is an extremely high focus on overall performance within the management of data centres also including sustainability goals where corporate social responsibility is an important part. One big pain point is the lack of standard lifting procedures resulting in accidents.  As accidents often occur when handling heavy, bulky and expensive equipment, this translates to painful injuries to staff and expensive damage to materials. In addition to accidents, the strain on people caused by repetitive lifting and uncomfortable work positions is also a workplace related issue important to target. Long term sick leave because of a poor work environment is, above all, a problem for the individual as well as an unnecessary cost for the company and is easy to prevent.

The use of a Lift&Drive trolley from Pronomic reduces the strain of heavy lifting and prevents accidents during the handling of servers, both during transport and while mounting. This reduces the number of incidents that may inflict injuries to staff and damage to materials.

As Lift&Drive trolleys are modularly designed, they can be adapted to any work environment and work practice. Designing a lifting trolley perfectly adapted to the work and surroundings gives huge advantages. Regardless of the lay-out of the data centre and its interior, the
solution is optimised for the tasks at hand and fitting the premises and the load as well as the users of the equipment. Having the right tool improves the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of the workflow.

“After years of experience, we find that the modular design of Lift&Drive is what our customers value the most, as we have great freedom to create optimal solutions. This way we can supply a solution fitting the need of any customer on a short time frame and with the same level of quality regardless.”
Samuel Pierre, RnD manager

We will present our new range of Lift&Drive lifting trolleys at the Data Centre World Fair in London, 2 – 3 March. Please find us at stand D623.

Download the press release here (PDF)

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