26 January 2021

Lifting trolleys are shipped to Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Paris

Pronomic is a unique company in the sense that it manufactures lifting solutions that can be customized to many specific use cases. At Pronomic we are currently in the final days of a big project which will deliver more than 200 specially trolleys over a few months. These lifting trolleys are being shipped all over the world, among other cities Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Paris.
Pronomic’s production capacity has been extended in many ways to meet these kind of projects and it has been a challenge. We are now adjusting to take the next step and learn from the new work procedures. Our experience of ramping up/down production for large projects has reached a new level. Another large incoming order of many hundreds of customized trolleys is scheduled and this will enable us to improve further.

Markus Folkesson, the head of production at Pronomic, says that the new large order is going into production involves a lot of advanced engineering and special adjustments according to the customer’s demand. This puts pressure on the schedule of e.g. the material assets, warehouse space, hiring of new personnel and efficient work procedure. Even though the world is going through a pandemic, we at Pronomic have shown strength and responsibility by securing deliveries so that we ensure keeping delivery times to our customers.

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