Lift&Drive 90IE with roller platform

Food and beverage

Complete lifting and moving solutions for the food and beverage industry

Food and beverage processing involves handling a great variety of canisters and containers for raw materials, packaging, and product. With Pronomic lifting solutions you can ensure that every workstation has just the right tool for the job: lifting, moving, and manoeuvring containers and materials in a safe and efficient way. Made from easy-to-clean stainless steel and with appropriate IP certifications, Pronomic lifting solutions are ready for many years of duty, in commercial kitchens and cafeterias as well as industrial food and beverage facilities.

 Lift&Drive 175P with Squeeze&Turn

Lifting trolleys

We can configure your Pronomic lifting trolley to match almost any duty. A compact, lightweight trolley with an adapted platform is ideal for limited kitchen spaces. Meanwhile, a sturdier trolly with the unique Expand&Turn lifting tool is optimal for handling rolls of packaging in industrial food processing plants. All trolleys enable easy manoeuvring and stepless control for safe and efficient handling at any position.

 Easycrane V

Vacuum lifters

With a vacuum lifter, large volumes of boxes, sacks, and other materials can be handled by a single person: quickly, safely, and free of strain. Pronomic vacuum lifters can be mounted on any of our stationary or mobile crane systems. Lifting devices are adapted to specific packaging materials, with the quick-exchange system adding flexibility when handling varied loads.

 Mechline Pro Crane

Mobile cranes

Smooth, versatile lifting solutions on mobile platforms – easily transported between workstations using a simple pallet truck. Pronomic mobile cranes and hoists combine function, flexibility, and ergonomy to meet the varying demands of food and beverage operations.

High resolution print Pronomic employee construction

Tailored solutions

If you have a challenge that involves lifting, moving, or manipulating objects – we can solve it. Our skilled and experienced engineers gladly create unique solutions for your most demanding duties.

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