Lifting technology that improves your Ergonomics

Less load on the body and more lift


An aching back or painful shoulder is often because the workplace or working environment is not ergonomically adapted and there is thus an increased risk of strain in the body that can be due to too heavy lifting, incorrect working posture or height.

Long experience

Over some 30 years, Pronomic has developed lifting techniques that can help to prevent strain injuries and increase well-being among employees. Our mobile lifting trolleys help to make lifting both smart and ergonomic, and at the same time improve the efficiency of work carried out. Moreover, the right equipment reduces the risk of both strain injuries and accidents involving personnel and goods.

Increased ergonomic requirements

Industry is placing ever higher ergonomic requirements on lifting equipment in connection with manual materials handling. Pronomic’s different solutions help you to lift, carry, push or pull goods correctly. We work on a continuous basis to follow the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s guidelines in relation to lifting techniques and lifting equipment. It is not just about the load and lifting frequency at which an aid is needed, we also take into account factors such as the height and size of the controls, initial strength required when manoeuvring as well as range and access when picking up and depositing items.

How to prevent strain injuries and accidents?

More strength than you think is often required to perform tasks, and injuries can arise if the strength required is too great for parts of the body such as muscles, tendons or joints. Lower back pain is most common, but pain in shoulders can also arise in connection with manual handling. Risk of injury increases if lifting is combined with tilted, bent or twisted working postures. Heavy lifting must be avoided as there is a risk of acute overloading with individual lifts. Manual lifts of more than 25 kg should not normally be performed as there is a major risk of strain injuries and these weights can injure personnel in connection with accidents. It has been shown that even lifting weights as low as 5-10 kg can produce strain injuries.

Something that is often neglected when discussing lifting technique is time pressure, which increases the risk of injuries as stress both increases tension in the body and the risk of carelessness. A custom solution for a mobile lifting trolley from Pronomic makes operations more efficient and safer, which is a good basis for reducing stress.

Pronomic contributes to reducing long rehabilitation periods and high costs for sick leave by offering good lifting technique.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority can contribute lots of tips

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regular reports, the most common cause of occupational illnesses reported is linked to musculoskeletal disorders. in recent years, 40 per cent of all occupational illnesses have been related to strain injuries. Pronomic recommends the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s website as well as its instructions concerning ergonomics for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. We have appended some documents as support for your ergonomics management and to enable assessment of risks in connection with manual handling.

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