2 June 2021

Ergonomics – lift your work and visualise your needs

Ergonomics is the result of a delicate interplay of humans, technology and the working environment.
The production personnel in Scandinavia are good at asking questions and has an interest in ergonomics. Down below you find some typical examples of questions that they raise.

• How does monotonous and heavy lifting affect the body long term?
• How do we minimize injuries?
• How can we make the working environment as safe as possible?

It often takes a higher toil than one anticipates to complete manual labour tasks, and if the forces on the body become too much then it can cause a variety of injuries. Lumbar spine injury is the most common but shoulder damage can also occur by manual labour. If manual lifting is combined with a poor posture of the spine, that increases the risk of injury. Even lifting just 5-10 Kgs can in the long run put a strain on the body. Initiatives to improve ergonomics are few and happens seldom, making it difficult to uphold internal know-how of safe lifting.

How can you take the next step to visualise a fair picture of your lifting, moving, holding and carrying the load? Contact us by the form below and we help you on how to take the next step to lift your work and visualise your needs.

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