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Rolls and reels

Safer, smarter, and smoother ways to handle industrial rolls and reels

Depending on their size and material, rolls and reels can be very difficult to handle in a safe and ergonomic way. Pronomic lifting solutions are tailored to meet the exact needs at your site – eliminating the risk of injury, damage, and product loss when handling any type of roll or reel. Many of our solutions let you lift, turn, and rotate unwieldy materials for smart and smooth loading or unloading of production machines. We even provide unique tools for handling rolls of sensitive materials, such as food or pharmaceutical packaging.   

Lifting trolleys

Pronomic lifting trolleys bring a truly modular concept to ergonomically lifting, moving, and manipulating rolls and reels. We offer a wide range of roll lifting tools, designed for efficient and safe handling of different sizes and types of materials up to 325 kg. For example, our unique Expand & Turn lifting tool is optimal for lifting, transporting, and installing rolls of materials that are too sensitive to be squeezed externally. Smooth manoeuvring and stepless control gives excellent precision when positioning the lifting tool.

 Mechchain Pro II_Roll handling

Chain hoist

Heavy rolls and reels are easy to lift and move with a Pronomic electric chain hoist. Combined with the right gripping tool, our frequency-controlled chain hoists provide good control, high precision, and lifting speeds of up to 16 meters per minute. The hoists are compatible with our crane systems.

 Mechline Pro Crane

Crane solutions

Our highly versatile crane solutions range from easy-to-move mobile jib cranes to stationary wall or pillar mounted systems. Compatible with a wide range of specialized and customizable lifting tools, Pronomic cranes provide ergonomic and flexible movement during lifting operations. Our crane solutions improve the working environment at world-leading automotive manufacturers, mechanical workshops, and other facilities across industries.

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Tailored solutions

If you have a challenge that involves lifting, moving, or manipulating objects – we can solve it. Our skilled and experienced engineers are standing by, ready to create unique solutions for your most demanding duties.

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