Lift&Drive 130P Subterra customer case

Customer voices

Smart solutions to real problems

Our customers have entrusted us with finding smart, integrated lifting solutions. We have helped them create safe work environments with less damage to goods and increased efficiency in production through the years. These are their voices.

Customer voices

  •  Lift&Drive 130P Subterra customer case


    “It’s my responsibility to create a safe work environment for anyone working on the Bypass Stockholm project,” says Ulf Wallin, health and safety officer at SBT Sweden AB.

  •  Lift&Drive 90P Polarbröd

    SIA glass

    Pronomic’s recommended solutions were a perfect fit for us. They lift higher than most lifting trolleys in the market, and with high lifting speeds,” says Gert-Ove Jansson at Sia Glass.

  •  CSM Bakery logo

    CMS Bakery

    The solution provided CSM Bakery peace of mind that their process of transporting and unloading ingredients from the store and into hoppers was as safe and efficient as possible. 

  •  Lift&Drive 175P with Squeeze&Turn

    Arla foods

    “Pronomic proposed a very good solution with a squeeze and turn function that could handle the heavy and bulky rolls. We need to handle these rolls on a daily basis, so this combination was a perfect fit,” says Jonas Björkdahl, technician at Arla Foods. 

  •  Colourform logo


    “We are really pleased with the lifting solution; several changes were made along the design process to give the machine more capability allowing it to be used for other tasks such as loading heavy moulds in and out of a cleaning bath.”  Philip Wilson, Colourform CNC Engineer 

  •  Inchcape logo


    After demoing the unit for over a week, Matthew Everest, Workshop Manager at Hunters Land Rover in Guildford exclaimed ‘It’s perfect, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I can’t fault it’.

  •  Abbot logo

    Abbot Diabetes

    Abbott Diabetes have now removed manual handling from their reel transporting process. This has not only improved health and safety but has increased productivity making a two or three-person job a one-person task.

  •  Wienerberger Logo


    Wienerberger sees the material handling solution as a significant showpiece for the business. It has been entered it into an industry innovation award with manufacturers from around the world visiting the plant to see it in action.